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Da Cheng Vegetarian International Ltd.
For over 20 years, we have pride ourselves on always producing high-quality vegetarian food that everyone loves. Under the work of our innovative and dedicated staff members, we carefully select the most natural ingredients to create the best vegetarian products for you. With an understanding of the connection between food and health, we guarantee there is no additives, preservatives, alcohol or MSG added to our all-natural vegetarian food. Our products have been consumed in many markets overseas since 1998.
Taiwan Da Cheng Headquarter
Da Cheng Vegetarian International Ltd. expended overseas market in 1998. We registered the branch company named“Da Cheng Vegetarian Food Inc.”located in Los Angeles, California.
USA Da Cheng Branch
Da Cheng Vegetarian actively promoting new ingredients and more attention to product quality and food safety, by ISO22000 in 2007; 2005 and HACCP and other related certification so that consumers have better choice of vegetarian products.